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Unique Ways To Promote Your Website

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The Internet provides millions of ways to advertise your website online, but your competitors are using the same sources and online advertising ideas too. Promoting your website offline can bring in new traffic and help with overall website branding. Since your competitors are probably not doing any offline advertising, you will be the only one to compete with. Using your own ideas and the ones below, you can defiantly create your own buzz in the offline world.

1. Promotional items. Purchase promotional items such as t-shirts, pencils, cute little stress balls, or other items you can pass out. Send them to your family, friends, and even your current website visitors.

2. TV commercials, radio, newspapers, magazines, billboards. This is the traditional way to advertise offline, but it still works! Get in contact with various vendors and get the word out about your website. Not that many websites utilize this form of advertising still, so it is still a unique way to advertise your website.

3. Stationary, envelopes, business cards. Anytime you send mail to anybody including your credit card company or phone provider, send it on your personal stationary with your website logo and URL. The person checking the mail is a person too and might get interested in visiting your website.

4. Telemarketer reversal. Why not turn the tables on those telemarketers that bother you? Start to tell them about your website and why they should visit it. It is a lot more fun than telling them �no thanks� over and over again!

5. Create a seminar or class. Start a class on your websites topic or even on just on using a computer. This can get you wide exposure with your community and even if they are not directly interested in your website they will talk to others about your class and website. This gives you a lot of free exposure.

6. Printed postcards. You can send out postcards in small newspapers or other mailings that your local city provides. This is a great way to target your local community.

7. Answering machine. Do you have an answering machine? Telemarketers and other callers are people too! Leave a little blurp on your machine to visit your website and they just might.

8. Sponsor events and expos. There are lots of local and national events you could sponsor. Donate or even show up and help run the event. Ask to put up a banner or to get your URL included in any pamphlets they will be passing out.

9. Car decals and stickers. Get a special sticker made for your car and slap in on the back or sides of your vehicle. Whenever you are stuck in traffic or at a stoplight, you will be advertising your website to the cars behind you.

10. Print flyers. You can hang flyers all over town on bulletin boards and other community boards. If you post your business cards too it will allow them to take your information home with them!

11. Rubber stamp or stickers. Order a stamp with your website URL on it and stamp everything you see. Best way to go about this is to hand it to your 3 year old, they are really good at this type of advertising! Works great with sticky stickers too.

12. Welcome committee. Join your neighborhoods welcome committee or just find out how to put your promotional items in their welcome kit.

13. Buses, trucks, blimps, airplanes, trains! Get your ad on the side of a huge vehicle such as your local bus, airplane, trains, or blimp. This would certainly attract some attention and also if you post a picture of it on your website, I�m sure a lot of websites would buzz about it.

14. Coupons, discounts, free stuff. Offer coupons, discounts or even free stuff in your offline advertising. People might not even know what your website is for, but if you offer a discount and free stuff, they will visit your website to check it out. A lot of towns have a coupon books for their local businesses too!

15. Run, Walk, Bike, Hike. There are 100�s of races you can join in. Just wear your special promotional shirt or write on you racing shirt your website URL. There are thousands of people that show up for these events and will see your website

Posted 25 October 2010 - 04:19 AM

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Social networking to me is the best way to promote your website. Plus it doesn't cost you any advertising dollars!

Posted 07 January 2011 - 11:23 PM

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Thanks for all the hints and tips you have given many options that i am sure will be put to use by many people

Posted 08 March 2011 - 08:06 PM