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Advertise your 728*90 px banner Here @ $249 Per Month

Advertise your 728*90 px banner Here @ $249 Per Month

Advertise your 728*90 px banner Here @ $249 Per Month

Advertise your 728*90 px banner Here @ $249 Per Month

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Giving this software away and help people save money on all their online purchases.

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This is one of the biggest opportunities of our lifetime!



Google pays us directly simply for someone using the Shopping Genie which is a free application
that will save you time and put cash in your pocket when shopping online.

Imagine This: You Get Paid Even If Someone Doesn’t Buy!

Release the Power of MyShoppingGenie!

MyShoppingGenie enables the average person to take advantage of major trends in our economy. The first is the fact that saving money has become very hip. Some people are even saying that saving money is the new green.

MyShoppingGenie is right at the center of this because when you use the Genie, you can save money on the things you need.

How does this work?

Whenever you look to buy something online using any major search engine like Google or Yahoo, the Genie appears; and just like magic, it cuts through the clutter to find you the best deals on virtually anything you're looking for.

Shopping online is something we are all doing today and will continue. The following stats below show some countries and their current Internet users.

• United Kingdom, 48 million
• United States, 227 million
• China, 360 million
• France, 42 million
• Germany, 55 million
• Italy, 29 million
• Spain, 28 million

You can also make money online with MyShoppingGenie because when someone uses the free Genie that you gave them and buys something from one of the hundreds of top online retailers, these companies then share their Affiliate commissions with you; and you make money.

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You earn per click and per sale, the potential is huge, take a look at:

Release the Power of MyShoppingGenie!

Posted 11 July 2010 - 08:36 PM

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Shopping Genie
Save Money and Make Money with the World's #1 Affiliate Software!

My Shopping Genie recently launched and is an innovative shopping tool that instantly finds the best bargains online. It helps online shoppers save money by finding the best deals on sites like Amazon, eBay, Costco, Buy.com, Walmart and more. It took 3 years of development and testing and is now saving thousands of people a lot of money. Distributors can earn a lot of money giving it away for free.

It was recently featured on CNN and recommended by Sue Goldstein, the Underground Shopper. Sue Goldstein, also known as the Diva of Discounts has spent over 30 years making shopping recommendations to consumers on shows like Oprah, Good Morning America and the Today show. Here is what she says about the new Genie: "The Genie makes your bargain shopping a BREEZE and is one of the best ways to not only save money but to make money as well!"

You tube "officialgeniechannel"

Shopping Genie
Save Money and Make Money with the World's #1 Affiliate Software!

Posted 15 July 2010 - 08:06 PM

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With one click, you can compare the best pricing from all your favorite online stores (Amazon, eBay, Walmart...), at once and the best part, IT'S F.REE!

Simply do a search using your favorite major search engine such as Google or Yahoo and the NEW AND IMPROVED Genie 2.0 instantly appears on your computer screen, featuring a simple to navigate selection of major online shopping and auction sites such as Amazon, eBay, Overstock, Shopping.com, Wal-Mart, Target, Google Product Search and local businesses. Conduct your own comparison pricing with the click of your mouse!

Find great deals and save money with MyShoppingGenie - your one-stop source for the best online bargain shopping experience in the Universe!


The next Genie Showcase Live is scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 14 (9:30 AM-5 PM EDT), at the incredible Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel in Atlanta, GA, one of the finest facilities in the region.

Posted 04 August 2010 - 04:47 AM

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