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TheCashChatForum Global Rules [Must Read] - Updated 3 August 2011

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The Cash Chat Forums Global Rules

Some Other Rules :

Chapter 1 – The TCC Rules

( Remember to check the latest rules at as that is where new rules can be updated. Please do not skip reading there as some info below can always be outdated )

Also this forum has certain rules. These rules are here to make it fair and fun for everyone. If you don’t follow these rules, you can get infractions.

It goes about the following:

1. Spam - Spam is considered a post like "thank you" "wow you are great" "i have been paid" or any other type of short reply. Members which will be caught spamming will get an infraction and if they will repeat it again will get banned from this community

2. Affiliates - Only thread creators might have their affiliate links in the threads. You can also put your affiliate links on your signatures but make sure it won't break our rules

3. Hijacking - If you would be caught hijacking another thread you will get automatically an infraction or a permanent ban

4. Duplicate Content - Duplicate content wont be tolerated so you are pleased to use SEARCH before opening any new thread. Infractions will be given to ones who make duplicate content

5. Offending
- You don't have the rights to offend any member of this community * especially a Staff Member. If we get a report that you have offended someone you can get banned immediately

6. Signatures
- Signatures must contain only 4 lines and must not be bigger than SIZE 2. No images allowed and nothing other than 4 lines and 3 links.

8. Avatars - Use something friendly. No Racial / *** images will be allowed

9. Private Messages - No advertisements can be send via PM to other members. If we catch you * you can get an permanent ban

10. Flooding - Flooding its not allowed in our board (If you open more than 3-4 threads in a section in one day its called a flooding) Infractions will be given.

11. Referrals - In order for you to get paid for a referral, he/she must have made a minimum of 5 quality posts to be counted a referral and therefore for you to be credited Points.

12. Senseless Posting - Making posts that seem senseless and have motive of only increase paid postings or post counts will attract warnings/infractions/bans. Please be serious and honest in the use of this forum

13. Bumping - No kind of bumps to your posts or other posts are allowed. Nor asking others to bump your threads are allowed. Later we may allow self bumping.

14. We have the right - to not pay any member, give infractions or ban any member who we think is acting against these rules, or against the fair principles or spirit of this community and forum

15. Gold Coins - Gold Coins cannot be bought NOR sold on TCC Forum. They cannot be donated NOR gifted, specially because the person gifting/donating/selling may have infractions and is not supposed to be paid for those Points. Anyone in any such trade will receive infractions and can be banned.

16 - Opening Twice A Request Thread - Deduction of 60 Gold Coin
If any member create another thread for requesting payout if thread moved to Approved or Non-Approved Section. Make sure you carefully read all the information before opening a request!

17 - When Requesting a Payout , Add [LR] or [AP] at the title otherwise you will get a penalty of - 60 Gold Coin
It will be much easier for us to pay you on time and everything will run smoothly. If you wont a Liberty reserve payout simply add [LR] at the title

18 - Post Chasing or Back to Back reply -
If members make back to back replies in particular thread it will counted as Post Chasing for this reason we will removed Points as well delete those posts. To avoid it always wait till some one else reply after u if u want to update anything u can edit your post anytime.
Members should wait for 12 hours before there successive post or can post after someone else reply to that thread.

Chapter 2 – Earn at The Cash Chat

How Much You Earn?

* Reply Post - $0.02
* New New Thread - $0.02

Refer Paying - Non - Paying Sections ! to Check How Much you Can earn from Every Section

Earn $1.50 for referring Friends to The Cash Chat Forum (Condition he Should be active and make minimum 35 Spam Free Posts) (Report about your referrals at Payout Time.)

To refer people you must use your referral link.

* How much a Point is worth - 1 Gold Coin = $0.01

* You Can Request Payout once you reach
200 Gold Coin to LR, AP, PM.

Members can create Maximum 10 Threads in a Day.

Copy Paste Stuff is not allowed here if members only copy paste threads from other forums they will get infraction.

Members must Need to include referral link in Thread if anyone fail to add his thread will get deleted.

We encourage Quality and pay well to posters who post good qualified posts. We do not tolerate spam, if you still insist on spamming with single lines or senseless posts we still will pay you but not at the same rates. We will pay you only 1/3 of the regular rates.

Minimum Payout -

$2 to Liberty Reserve
$2 to Alertpay
$2 to PerfectMoney

VIP Members Features :-

Members will get 50% more on every Payout.
Minimum Payout $1 to LR, PM & Ap
Paypal : $7
Fast Payout Process
All previous features will remain same

For more information: http://www.thecashch...html#post272289

Make sure when posting that you do not break any rules. You do not want to get Infractions.

Chapter 3 – Requesting Payout.

Once you have reached 200 Gold CoinYou can request payout to LR or Alertpay.
To make it easier for us to process your request, please add [LR] To your thread-title. If you don’t do this this will cost you 60 Gold Coin. It’s stated in the rules.

Thread Title : Your username - 1st request[LR] or [AP]

Username : (example: Admin)
Amount To Request (Gold Coin) : (example: 400)
Liberty Reserve ID : (example:U123456 (LR)]

The thread has to be posted in the Payout Request section of the forum which can be found here:

If you Have not listened to the TCC rules you can get infractions or warnings. Warnings are not very common, you will get infractions quicker.

If you have active Infraction you can't Request Payout only Admin can reverse it but it will cost 200 Gold Coins will be deducted from Payout.

Chapter 4 – Infractions, Warnings and Bans.

If you Have not listened to the TCC rules you can get infractions or warnings. Warnings are not very common, you will get infractions quicker.

Each Infraction point will cost you from 20 Gold Coin to 60 Gold Coin. You cannot ask payout while you got Infraction points on.

In total you can receive 10 Infraction points. Once You receive the 10th one, you will be banned automatically. So better start behaving well!

If you receive warnings this will not harm you in any way it is just a reminder to not do that. If a mod/admin gives you a warning they want you to use it well and not do it again.

Infraction Level System

Chapter 5 – Reporting people

Offcourse you can help us by reporting people who break the rules. If you see somebody breaking a rule, please click on the ‘’report post’’ button.

You might be awarded with Reputation and Points.

Chapter 6 – Duplicate accounts

Having more than 1 account is against the forum rules. So if you have ever done this, it's the best to TELL us right away, before we find out by our self. If you see somebody else, who might have more than 1 account (like when the acc's refs are almost the same name) then TELL us, so that we can confirm that.

Chapter 7 – PM

Just to confirm it: You do not get paid for PM'ing people. This is just to contact each other privately. If you feel that somebody is spamming/insulting you or breaking any other rule in the PM, Please do send us a pm/report about the complaint.

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