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account instant invest options site

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Well i have joined this site because one of my friend needed help. He is in forex. And this one is a good site i think.

Here are some features of the site:

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Url: http://www.liteforex...p?uid=900004597 :D

Url2: www.liteforex.org :S

Posted 25 April 2009 - 05:57 PM

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this is best place for beginners to start learning forex market.
- Minimum to start trading $1 ($10+ recommended)
- Dedicated trading server for professional traders on accounts MINIForex and 100KForex;
- Accept e-Gold, WebMoney, Bank wires;
- Instant payments to your account when depositing electronic currencies;
- No dealing desk - automated orders execution including market orders;
- More than 18000 active traders;
- Instant account activation - start trade in minutes;

Posted 25 April 2009 - 10:04 PM

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  • mark
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Minimum $1? I thought forex min was $100. That was the reason I never tried before, seemed a fair amount to loose. But I am tempted by this the only problem being "Accept e-Gold, WebMoney, Bank wires;" any other options?

Posted 26 April 2009 - 02:40 AM

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@Mark, Thanks for the thank :D

They accept Liberty Reserve, eBullion and webmoney. My friend invest from LR. And you don't need to invest real money on this site. They give you demo account so you can give it a try. I tried it once and made $1+ with $5000 demo $$$.LoL Well i tried it in curiosity. But my friend says real money is best for learning forex. It fastens your learning.LoL

Posted 26 April 2009 - 04:40 PM

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Hello darksorrow
Just one dollar to start account.Is ma aslo tempted to start account with this site.Hoe they allow to trade people with just one dollar in account.Have you tried this ?How was the service?Ia m looking for good forex broker which can accept funding through pay pal.Do they allow pay pal?I dont have account with e gold and all that.

Posted 31 August 2009 - 07:59 AM

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I would like to find out if they uses mt4 as a trading platform? please do let me know.

Posted 04 January 2010 - 10:02 AM

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I am Sergei Shuvalov, a representative of LiteForex. I am here to answer any questions about trading with LiteForex. Please do not hesitate asking.

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I would like to find out if they uses mt4 as a trading platform? please do let me know.

Yes, we have MT4.
Besides there are versions for Windows CE Pocket Computers and for smart phones.
You can download the programs from here: http://www.liteforex.org/downloads.php

Posted 21 October 2010 - 12:03 PM

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The first stock-exchange strategy game launched in Facebook social network

They’ve developed and launched recently the Facebook first stock-exchange strategy game.
The game is based on a gameplay completely new for economic strategies. To succeed in the Fair Exchange world a player will have to apply real trader’s skills: to exchange profitably resources, to study carefully the history of cross-rates and the news feed in order to predict further changes.
Trading process is simplified as much as possible, so that everyone could play the game and feel like a real trader!
The game is localized in English at the moment and is accessible to everyone at http://apps.facebook.com/fairexchange.

Posted 25 October 2010 - 12:23 PM

Sergei Shuvalov
LiteForex representative

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latest new form the site
-According to the data released early this week level of requested houses prices in Great Britain as per Hometrack estimation reduced bu 0.9% m/m (0.1% y/y) in October.
-As the data released on Monday evidenced level of vehivles sales in Japan declined by 26.7% y/y in October against the reduction by 4.1% y/y in September.
-According to the released statistics GDP level in Canada increased by 0.3% in August against the reduction by 0.1% in July

Posted 01 November 2010 - 12:22 PM

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LiteForex’s new product: LiteForex prepaid card

LiteForex group of companies gives new opportunities to its customers offering them LiteForex prepaid Card, developed jointly with UWC Financial Services Ltd.
LiteForex Card is a new safe way to transfer funds immediately and make payments in more than one hundred countries worldwide, where the MasterCard ® sign is represented.
Customers of LiteForex group of companies can use LiteForex Card as a regular debit card. It should be noted that you don’t have to attach the card to a bank account, and credit checks are not required.
LiteForex Card holders will appreciate the main advantages of the card:
• No negative balance possibility;
• Weekly transaction limit of US $12,000
• No annual purchase limit
To apply for LiteForex Card you should log in to the Trader’s Cabinet and fill in the provided form. After you have familiarized yourself with the terms of an agreement, the card will be issued and mailed to the address specified in your request.
LiteForex Card holders can open a special account to maintain the card which is free and gives a possibility to request the card balance statement.

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Posted 02 November 2010 - 05:02 PM

Sergei Shuvalov
LiteForex representative

    Registered User

1.5 points from each transaction in the MultiRebate system

LiteForex group of companies http://www.liteforex.org/ has implemented a revolutionary principle of spread reimbursement in a new MultiRebate system. The project puts into practice the reimbursement of maximum possible spread in the amount of 1.5 points from each transaction.

MultiRebate is a unique service as funds are accrued not only to the clients who conduct trading operations but also to partners.

Due to the advantageous proposal made by LiteForex, the task of attracting clients is becoming much easier. When a Partner becomes a member of the MultiRebate system, he significantly increases his referral base and earns much more money compared with working in the standard program. As soon as a referral logs in into the MultiRebate, instantly 0.4 points from each closed transaction are deposited to a partner’s account.

MultiRebate opens prospects for all market participants. Professional traders, who conduct a large number of transactions increase their income due to significant savings on spread; therefore, people who wish to have their own highly profitable business in the Forex-industry earn money by participating in our affiliate program.

You can find a detailed description of the new LiteForex service, logging into the MultiRebate site: http://multirebate.com/.

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Posted 15 November 2010 - 09:32 AM

Sergei Shuvalov
LiteForex representative

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New winners

LiteForex Company Group is glad to congratulate the winners of the first running of the contest LiteForex Fighting http://www.liteforex...t_demo/fighting, that have shown a high level of their analytical skills and knowledge of financial instruments.

As a reward for the successful trading the, winners of demo contest that was held on the 10th of November 2010 from 00.00 till 23.59 have been given real prize-money. Prize funds can be freely used in trading and withdrawn.

1st place: sasakor (1001042116) - 150$
2d place: udav (1001042708) - 100$
3d place: ulfah (1001042229) - 70$
4th place: Kolhoznik (1001040228) - 10$
5th place: ono8 (1001041959) - 50$
6th place: ejoi (1001043994) - 20$
7th place: happyman (1001043206) - 10$
8th place: zahraa (1001040967) - 10$
9th place: meysarosh (1001039464) - 10$
10th place: ltapelo (1001040344) - 10$

The contest LiteForex Fighting is held every week on Wednesdays from 00-00-00 till 23-59-59 according to the server time (GMT+2, indicated in the platform).

Everyone has a possibility to participate in the contest and get a high evaluation for their skills from LiteForex Group of Companies.

We choose the time and place of the contest. You choose your trading instrument and fighting techniques!

New winners

LiteForex Company Group is glad to congratulate the winners of the fird running of the contest LF IndexMaster (demo) http://www.liteforex...mo/index_master, that have shown best results.

As a reward for the successful trading, seven winners of demo contest that was held on the 15th of November 2010 from 08.00 till 16.59 have been given real prize-money.

1st place: DeeJaVu 1001047707 - 100$
2d place: kimoha 1001047951 - 70$
3d place: utf 1001044171 - 50$
4th place: Roman 1001047885 - 10$
5th place: hama 1001046542 - 10$
6th place: cabor 1001046614 - 10$
7th place: zahraa 1001045467 - 10$

Everyone has a possibility to participate in the contest LF IndexMaster (demo) and get real prize-money.

Posted 16 November 2010 - 02:51 PM

Sergei Shuvalov
LiteForex representative

    Registered User

Christmas Marathon: Receive presents while trading at LiteForex!

It is a special pleasure to receive presents on Christmas and New Year Eve. In anticipation of the most wonderful and bright holiday, LiteForex group of companies is in a hurry to share moments of joy with its clients and to present nice gifts to them! We invite you to take part in the promotion “Christmas Marathon” http://www.liteforex...stmas_marathone which will add better moments into the holiday’s bustle.

Only in the period from 22 November to 23 December 2010 LiteForex group of companies will award cash prizes for successful trading. You receive an excellent opportunity to become a holder of a valuable gift, increasing your trading deposit for conducting transactions.

The total prize fund of the promotion “Christmas Marathon” is $5000; it will be distributed among the winners – the owners of the accounts such as REALForex and LITEForex. 10 clients will be awarded in each class, those who will demonstrate the highest profit on their trade accounts during the promotion. Note, that the prize money of the promotion “Christmas Marathon” for “REALForex” accounts amounts to $4000.

Miracles happen at Christmas! Take part in the “Christmas Marathon” with LiteForex and have a good time to your own benefit!

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Posted 18 November 2010 - 03:04 PM

Sergei Shuvalov
LiteForex representative

    Registered User

Prizes for demo contest LITEFOREX FIGHTING http://www.liteforex...t_demo/fighting winners!

1st place: SamNN - 150$
2d place: amorozov - 100$
3d place: laguna - 70$
4th place: AleJet - 50$
5th place: iulian78 - 10$
6th place: udav - 10$
7th place: sakakolm - 10$
8th place: Maximus - 10$
9th place: MesumPips - 10$
10th place: brainiacfx - 10$

Participate and get prizes from LiteForex Group of Companies.

Posted 19 November 2010 - 03:01 PM

Sergei Shuvalov
LiteForex representative

    Registered User

New winners!
Prizes for demo contest LF IndexMaster (demo) winners!


1st place: marspajo 1001050549 - 100$
2d place: mamat 1001049226 - 70$
3d place: swiss 1001049350 - 50$
4th place: ditrader 1001048241 - 10$
5th place: dave2k3 1001050567 - 10$
6th place: tito 1001050945 - 10$
7th place: RV 1001050525 - 10$

Participate and get prizes from LiteForex Group of Companies http://www.liteforex.org/!

New winners!
The winners of the contect LF IndexMaster (demo) - 2010.11.22:


1st place 100$: vipiu 1001052663 - 40104.33
2d place 70$: sersert 1001053084 - 33476.4
3d place 50$: nickola 1001053293 - 32922.2
4th place 10$: almax074 1001052696 - 28974.19
5th place 10$: busik 1001052628 - 25666.59
6th place 10$: rurik 1001052933 - 25599.81
7th place 10$: dimbash 1001053155 - 23513.52

Congratulations and prizes to the winners from LiteForex Group of Companies http://www.liteforex.org/!

Posted 23 November 2010 - 03:03 PM

Sergei Shuvalov
LiteForex representative

    Registered User

Winners of LF IndexMaster (demo) November 25, 2010

We are very pleased to award the winners of the contest http://www.liteforex...mo/index_master, who showed great skills in trading on the LF indexes:

1 место 100$: cabor 1001055850 - 33707.58
2 место 70$: Seenis 1001054170 - 25904.81
3 место 50$: swiss 1001056620 - 21477.34
4 место 10$: udav 1001056283 - 18234.89
5 место 10$: paxan 1001054632 - 17550.28
6 место 10$: Emmatrans 1001056606 - 16468.31
7 место 10$: liwan 1001056869 - 13994.7

Next demo conest http://www.liteforex...mo/index_master will be held from 2010.11.29 08:00 to 2010.11.29 16:59

The winners of LF FIGHTING November 24, 2010

New winners of the contest http://www.liteforex...t_demo/fighting, who get the prizes for their successful trading.

1st place 150$: gagarin 1001052451 - 77980.6
2d place 100$: Julechka 1001053736 - 76547.18
3d place 70$: rurik 1001054754 - 73290
4th place 50$: Olimpius 1001053849 - 67573.2
5th place 10$: olyx 1001050789 - 50051.66
6th place 10$: ono8 1001055528 - 44140
7th place 10$: AleJet 1001055604 - 39350
8th place10$: Luba 1001054727 - 37600
9th place 10$: mum 1001051234 - 36444.7
10th place 10$: DoNMaFia 1001054831 - 34716.5

Everyone can participate and get the prizes!

Posted 26 November 2010 - 06:28 AM

Sergei Shuvalov
LiteForex representative

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New achievements with LiteForex

One week has passed since the promotion “Christmas Marathon” http://www.liteforex...stmas_marathone started. The straightaway is still far, but LiteForex Group of Companies’ clients beat the records of profitability by now.

The results http://www.liteforex...rathone/results of the promotion prove that the profit of more than 1000% of the initial deposit within such a short period is not a dream; the realization of such success is in your hands!

The promotion “Christmas Marathon” http://www.liteforex...stmas_marathone is in full swing – join us and prove that it is exactly you who is the best trader. General recognition and prize money from LiteForex Group of Companies will become perfect addition to the earned profit.

Posted 02 December 2010 - 11:19 AM

Sergei Shuvalov
LiteForex representative

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LiteForex’s seminar in Nigeria: results and achievements

On the 13th of November 2010 LiteForex group of companies conducted its presentation in Lagos, Nigeria, under the aegis of International Forex Show Company LTD. That event aroused great interest of professional Forex participants and great deal of guests.

Within the framework of the presentation, LiteForex’s management and specialists held an informational seminar whose visitors were the representatives of Online Forex Traders Association of Nigeria (OFTAN), students of trading schools (NETOSHI FOREX TRAINING INSTITUTE - NFTI), leaders of banks and financial organizations.

The attention of the seminar’s visitors was drawn to LiteForex’s innovative project – the MultiRebate service http://multirebate.com/. Official program of the seminar proved to be useful and important for each participant. Interested visitors could familiarize themselves with full range of LiteForex’s services, receive professional advice of the company’s representatives, build up new partner relationship and discuss the current financial market situation. The amicable ambience of the seminar contributed to vivid dialogue: professional traders were sharing their personal experience and their own trading strategies with beginners.

The ceremony of awarding precious prizes to the winners of the Great Hundred regional contest crowned LiteForex’s presentation in the conference hall of Sheraton Lagos Hotel.
LiteForex group of companies received a prestigious award «Best Forex Broker in Nigeria 2010» http://www.liteforex.org/awards.php according to the result of its regional activity and independent assessment of Online Forex Traders Association of Nigeria (OFTAN).

Posted 06 December 2010 - 05:14 PM

Sergei Shuvalov
LiteForex representative

    Registered User

I've used both LiteForex and FxOpen for 1 year. The connection is more stable at LiteForex than FxOpen.

Posted 07 December 2010 - 04:01 PM

    Registered User

The new winners LF IndexMaster - December 6, 2010
LiteForex Company Group congratulates the new winners who have shown the excellence in Index trading in the contest LF IndexMaster (demo) http://www.liteforex...mo/index_master!

1st place 100$: skreolga 1001064551 - 50799.46
2d place 70$: Emmatrans 1001063682 - 40685.7
3d place 50$: dax 1001064639 - 36322.48
4th place 10$: pockchan2 1001063568 - 33853.33
5th place 10$: Starik 1001065163 - 33836.69
6th place 10$: nickola 1001065102 - 27548.33
7th place 10$: alexkz 1001064517 - 24896.56

Take part in the contests from LiteForex Company Group train your trading skills and get deserved prices!

Posted 09 December 2010 - 11:00 AM

Sophie Hargrow
LiteForex representative

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